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Top 5 Ways Mobile Patrol Security Benefits Your Business

Choosing the right security solutions for your business can directly impact your bottom line. With crime rising in many urban areas, businesses of all sizes need cost-effective and proactive security. Mobile patrol security offers an optimal mix of visibility, adaptability, and affordability. 

Learn how adding mobile patrols to your security program can protect your assets while improving profitability.


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Stationary security guards or cameras only see what passes in front of their fixed position. With round-the-clock mobile patrols covering your entire premises, thieves and trespassers never know where guards will be at any given moment. This unpredictability creates an omnipresent visibility that deters potential criminals from targeting your location.

Studies show that visibility is one of the most effective theft deterrents. Patrol presence and crime deterrence is directly proportional. Well-marked mobile patrol vehicles prominently displaying your business name remind would-be offenders that you take security seriously. The frequent randomised sweeps also demonstrate your commitment to protecting your property. Criminals will move on to more accessible and less protected targets.

Adaptable Protection for Diverse Needs

While cameras and security systems are confined to specific areas, trained mobile patrol guards can fluidly adapt to secure all access points, perimeter fences or walls, parking lots, delivery and storage areas, and any vulnerable spots on your property. Patrol routes and timing can shift to accommodate changes in your operations, address new risks, or respond to security incidents.

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Your business likely has unique security needs that stationary guards or technology cannot address in this dynamic, customisable fashion. Whether you operate retail outlets, warehouses, healthcare centres, apartment complexes, or industrial parks, mobile patrols can be tailored to your specific facilities for complete adaptable coverage.

Cost-Effective Commercial Security

While having dedicated 24/7 on-site security guards at each location provides the highest level of protection, it also comes at a steep cost. Mobile patrol security delivers many of the same deterrence and response benefits at a fraction of the price. With fewer miles travelled and lower labour costs, regular roving condos and commercial security patrols are affordable for most businesses.

Technology like security cameras and alarm systems also require significant upfront investments and ongoing maintenance expenses. Mobile patrols leverage trained professionals and existing vehicles to deliver more value at lower long-term costs.

Mobile patrol security provides significant cost savings for securing businesses compared to stationary security guards. An on-site guard working 9-12 hours nights may cost $3,500-$6,500 monthly. However, just 3 mobile patrols nightly only total around $800- $1200 monthly. Mobile security programs can be 85% – 90% more affordable than fixed guards. Outsourcing your security needs to providers like G-Force Security reduces risks and liability while converting fixed expenses into flexible operating costs. Your business benefits from seasoned expertise and best practices without significant capital outlays.

Rapid Response When Minutes Matter

While cameras can record criminal activity, only mobile patrol guards can directly intervene to prevent crimes in progress. With patrol vehicles continuously circulating in your Toronto area, break-ins, thefts, threats to staff and customers, or other illegal activities can be addressed within minutes by on-scene trained professionals.

Two Security guard patrolling site and coordinating with their team for reporting

Stationary security guards have limited mobility to respond to incidents and emergencies away from their fixed posts. Mobile security patrols are always a few minutes from racing to calls for help anywhere on your property. Quick response times help minimise losses and liability risks.

Reassuring a Sense of Security for All

The sense of security inspired by seeing regular mobile patrols passing through also benefits your business. Customers feel safer and are more likely to return. Employees work with less stress and greater focus. Management can sleep better at night, knowing your assets are guarded.

Even seeing marked patrol vehicles conveys that your locations take security seriously. Guards also build rapport with the staff to enhance comfort levels. Mobile patrols provide wide-ranging intangible morale and public image benefits.

Why Choose G-Force Security Patrol Services?

As a leading Toronto-based mobile patrol security provider, G-Force Security delivers cost-effective protection customized precisely to your business. Our trained professional security guards have long protected diverse clients in Greater Toronto. Call or visit our website today to learn more about our flexible, affordable patrol packages.

Our mobile patrol system can enhance retail, healthcare, commercial and industrial security. Let us design and operate the optimum mobile patrol program to safeguard your bottom line. 

Contact G-Force Security at (905)-519-0101 or for a free site evaluation and competitive quote. 

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