Trusted Parking Enforcement Services in Canada

Having organised, enforced parking is critical for many properties and venues. G Force Security provides professional parking enforcement officers to deter violations, control access, and maintain orderly parking across Canada.

Best Parking Enforcement Services in Ontario, Canada
Parking Enforcement Services in Canada

With over 10 years of experience, we understand the frustrations of unauthorised parking and the importance of active enforcement. Our trained parking officers can issue warnings or tickets, have unwanted cars towed, and clarify permissible parking areas.

G Force Security works closely with property managers to customise parking enforcement addressing issues like reserved spots, blocking access, expired metres, improper permits, and more. We aim to promote compliance with parking rules.

Our parking enforcement services include:


Benefits of our parking enforcement:

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When selecting parking enforcement, you want responsive officers you can count on. Here’s why to choose G Force Security:

Our skilled parking enforcement professionals are ready to enforce compliance and maintain orderly parking across Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide professional parking enforcement officers for apartment buildings, condominiums, retail centres, healthcare campuses, commercial offices, industrial parks, and more across Canada.

Our highly trained parking enforcement officers utilise violation ticketing devices, chocks, cones, signage, reflective vests, batons, flashlights and any other standard equipment needed to enforce compliance and maintain orderly parking on your property.

We offer flexible contract options – hourly, monthly or annual – that are customised and competitively priced based on your specific property size and enforcement needs.

We issue warnings or violation tickets to parking violators based on severity and repeat offences. Vehicles improperly parked in fire lanes, blocking access, unauthorised areas, etc. may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Yes, we can provide tailored training for your current staff on parking guidelines, issuing tickets, gate access control, conflict resolution and any aspects of parking enforcement relevant to your property.

Absolutely. Our professional parking enforcement officers are available 24/7 to proactively patrol and enforce organised, orderly parking on your property day or night.