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Trusted Office & Facilities Security Services in Canada

Personalised Security Solutions for Any Workplace

Keeping your office, bank, retail, industrial or any commercial property secure is a top priority for a professional security company like GForce Security. With rising crime and liability risks, having trusted security measures in place is imperative. GForce Security has always been considered one of the most trusted security companies, specializing in Office and facilities Security Services–offering the most affordable services to protect your company in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Vaughan, among other places.

Trusted Office & Facilities Security Services in Canada

Get Your Security Needs Assessed Under 30 MINUTES

    Professional Office and Facilities Security Services Ontario, Canada

    Trusted Office & Facilities Security Services in Canada

    GForce Security is Canada’s best security company that offers comprehensive coverage you can surely rely on. Our team of expert security guards has received extensive training in emergency procedures, incident response, surveillance monitoring, and access control. To prevent crime and offer thorough reporting, we collaborate closely with local law enforcement.

    We are a professional supplier of technology solutions and commercial security guards, hence the best security services company with more than ten years of experience. In order to create a specialized security program that meets the goals and budget of each customer, our security specialists perform a full site study and threat assessment.

    Personalised Security Solutions for Any Workplace

    We offer a wide array of services to secure any office or commercial facility:

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose G Force Security for Your Business?

    When choosing a security provider for your office, facilities or commercial property, you want a company that is responsive, reputable and tailored to your needs. Here are compelling reasons to rely on G Force Security:
    With G Force Security, you can rest assured knowing your business assets and employees are protected round the clock by our staff.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We secure office towers, business complexes, warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, and other commercial facilities across Canada.

    Our highly trained guards, video surveillance, access control, patrols, inspections, and remote monitoring provide complete around-the-clock protection.

    Our stringent hiring process includes background checks, skills testing, interviews, and training evaluations to ensure only the most qualified candidates join our team.

    Yes, through our vast network we can dispatch licensed, professional guards within hours for emergency coverage or to fill temporary gaps.

    We’ll conduct a thorough site analysis to understand your operations, risks, and goals to design a tailored security program enhancing safety and efficiency.

    With 10+ years of experience, our security expertise, technology leverage, and focus on client objectives makes us the ideal facilities security partner.

    Get Your Security Needs Assessed Under 30 MINUTES

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