Commercial Security Sector Services in Canada

The Need To Employ A Distinctive Security Approach For
Commercial Buildings

Commercial establishments such as offices, banks, and other buildings often require an exclusive approach to security as they are open to the public, customers, and clients. These kinds of facilities need not only on-site patrolling but also 24/7 remote video surveillance to ensure the safety and security of the whole premises. Commercial properties require a critical balance of being unobtrusive for the honest visitors while still providing impactful visual and physical deterrence to criminals.

Commercial Security Sector Services in Canada ​

Offering Adaptable security solutions designed to meet unique commercial building needs

Commercial building security services in Canada

G Force Security Inc. is an expert in tailoring security services as per the need of its clients across Canada. We employ the most effective and comprehensive security strategies that leverage a layered approach of security. G Force creates customized levels of deterrence and monitoring to meet the specific needs and challenges of a unique commercial building. We have years of expertise partnering with some of the top commercial buildings in Ontario. Our unparalleled zeal for our duty is reinforced through our culture of providing superior customer service and our uncompromising commitment to aligning with the buildings’ strategies and objectives.

Offering Adaptable security solutions designed to meet unique commercial building needs

A complete floor-by-floor patrol, including the stairwells, roof, and parking garage, to detect any suspicious activity and hidden danger

Regular site visits by security supervisors to ensure the cliental requirements are met.

Regular security logs for the reference of building management

24/7 dispatch services to tackle any kind of emergency

Emergency first aid and CPR services in case of a medical emergency

Access Control services, especially for the main entrance

Front Desk Services, including visitor sign-in and sign-outs.

Parking enforcement and management

Enforcement of Trespassers to the Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada

Highly skilled Professionals creating excellence every day

Although modern technology solutions can alleviate security concerns in a commercial setting, the most comprehensive protection is still including the presence of trained commercial security officers. At G force Security, we have a complete team of professional security guards with AED, CPR, and first-aid certifications, which are detail-oriented and always prepared to spot security threats before they turn into dangerous situations. No matter what kind of commercial building it is, G Force has the expertise and the infrastructure to offer professional security services to protect customers, property, and premises. Many of our officers even have past military and law enforcement agencies background, making them proficient in de-escalating challenging situations peacefully.

Best Training methods to prepare the guards for the unexpected

The company employs special training techniques for commercial security services to make their security guards efficient in detecting hidden dangers while at the same time showing courtesy towards the employees and customers. We prepare our guards, enabling them to go beyond cliental expectations in rendering their services to provide a robust security sense and helping the visitors and customers with any kind of assistance. Our site supervisors take charge of keeping a constant eye on the security guards through a combination of attentive management, patrol verification systems, and 24-hour operation control centers.

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