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Businesses occasionally face unique security threats that require highly trained personnel and specialised protocols beyond traditional guard services. G Force Security offers a wide range of tactical security services to safely address emergencies and high-risk protection needs across Canada.

Our trained 24/7 on-the-go G Force Security mobile guards are your eyes and ears when you can’t be on location. We deter crime, detect threats, and respond rapidly to incidents at client sites across Ontario. The team patrols the vicinity at scheduled or spontaneous times, remaining vigilant for any suspicious activity, risks, or threats.

Our Tactical Security Services in Ontario, Vancouver and Quebec

G Force Security provides the following specialised tactical security services across Ontario:


In addition to our core tactical security offerings, we cater to the unique risks faced by different industries in Ontario and beyond:

Why Choose G Force Security for Tactical Security Services in Canada?

With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, G Force Security leads in tactical security services in Ontario because of:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide elite tactical teams for executive protection, emergency response, high-risk transports, demonstrations, strike security, and other complex situations requiring experienced tactical operators.

Our operators have specialised training in high-risk entry, defensive tactics, tactical driving, breaching tactics, close protection, advanced medical response and much more to handle all threats.

Yes, our nationwide reach and strategic partnerships with law enforcement agencies enable swift tactical deployment wherever high risk security is needed across Canada.

While we maintain a close working relationship, our teams are privately operated outside of law enforcement for secure, rapid response any time and place.

For potentially volatile situations involving large crowds, threats, VIP protection, or restricted access, our tactical units ensure safety where traditional guards may be outmatched.

With experienced tier-one operators, best-in-class training, and synergy with law enforcement, our tactical teams operate to the highest global standards.

Yes, our tactical training programs incorporate hand-to-hand combat techniques from various martial arts to enhance reaction skills, defensive capability and physical control of threats.

Absolutely. Our operators are experts in crowd control tactics, riot prevention, and de-escalating potentially volatile demonstration security scenarios with minimal force.

Based on site assessments, we may authorise tasers, pepper spray, rubber bullets or other compliant non-lethal weapons to give operators options between verbal commands and lethal force and lethal weapons may be carried based on tactical risk assessments.

Yes, we have dedicated aviation tactical teams trained specifically in airport environments, passenger screening, counter-terrorism and rapid response to airport security situations.

Our operators utilise helmets, ballistic vests, eyewear, gloves and uniforms designed for protection, visibility and agile mobility in high-risk situations.

Costs vary based on team size, duration of deployment and risk profile. We offer customised quotes tailored to each client’s specific tactical security needs.


Our teams utilise discretely armoured SUVs, protected transport trucks, and other reinforced vehicles suitable for rapid and secure movement.

Extensive training in defensive tactics, protective services, firearms, emergency response, and physical fitness is required. Many guards have prior military, law enforcement or protective services backgrounds.

Tactical guards have advanced specialised training to operate as highly mobile teams and respond to high-risk situations beyond the capabilities of traditional static guards.

With the proper licences and permits, tactical gear like gloves, flashlights, body armour and batons may be legally carried or used by authorised tactical teams or guards in Canada.