Loss Prevention Services in Canada to Secure Your Assets

Loss Prevention Services We Offer across Ontario, Quebec & Vancouver

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Loss Prevention Services in Ontario to Secure Your Assets

Retailers, healthcare facilities, construction sites, warehouses, and other businesses in Ontario lose millions each year to theft, vandalism, accidents, and negligence. A strong loss prevention program can help identify & mitigate these risks.

G Force Security offers customised loss prevention services to help businesses in various sectors across Ontario prevent inventory shrinkage, liability issues, property damage, and revenue loss.

Loss prevention refers to the strategies and systems companies employ to prevent inventory shrinkage, liability issues, property damage, and revenue loss in their premises and operations. An effective loss prevention program involves identifying potential vulnerabilities through audits and risk analysis and then mitigating the risks through a combination of training, technology, and physical security measures.

Loss Prevention Services We Offer across Canada

Our licensed security guards provide the following loss prevention services across Ontario, Quebec & Vancouver:

For businesses in Ontario, having adequate loss prevention is crucial. According to Retail Council of Canada’s 2019 National Retail Security Survey, retailers across the country lost nearly $5 billion to theft, fraud and other losses. Construction sites are prone to theft of materials, tools and equipment. Warehouses deal with cargo theft. Healthcare facilities face equipment loss and liability issues. Beyond financial losses, security issues also impact staff safety, company reputation, and ability to get insurance.

This is where loss prevention services come in. G Force Security is a licensed and trusted security company that has been providing loss prevention and asset protection services for over 15 years to clients across Ontario. Our qualified security personnel have experience securing construction sites, retail stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, apartment communities, events and more across the province.

For construction site security, we offer services like overnight mobile patrols to check for trespassing, damage and theft; remote surveillance via CCTV cameras to monitor equipment and inventory; strict access control measures; and trained guards. These measures can drastically reduce loss from theft of building materials, tools and equipment from construction sites and warehouses.

Our retail loss prevention services include having undercover store detectives onsite, overt uniformed guards, strict POS controls, inventory audits, CCTV camera monitoring, and data analytics. This comprehensive plan prevents losses from shoplifting, employee theft, administrative errors and fraudulent returns in retail stores.

Healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics contain expensive medical equipment and supplies that are vulnerable to theft and misuse. Our healthcare security services include access control, video surveillance, and overnight security patrols to keep such sites and their assets secured.

For industrial facilities like factories, warehouses, and logistics operations handling valuable cargo, we provide guards, CCTV monitoring, baggage screening, and GPS fleet tracking services to prevent cargo and vehicle theft.

Our educational institution security services protect schools, colleges, and campuses via guards, secure access control protocols, and video surveillance. For condos and apartment buildings, our 24/7 patrolling and remote video monitoring provide round-the-clock safety.

G Force Security develops custom-tailored loss prevention plans based on each client’s unique requirements and vulnerabilities. Our experienced security personnel first conduct on-site surveys and risk audits to identify weak spots and potential threats. Based on this information, we design a suitable program combining the optimal mix of on-site security guards and the latest surveillance, access control and monitoring technology.

Our licensed, uniformed guards are trained in observe and report techniques. We emphasise courtesy and discretion in all our services. G Force Security has the fastest alarm response time in Ontario, with our large pool of guards and strategic partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the province. Our clients get detailed reports on incidents, activities and trends allowing them to keep improving their loss prevention program.

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G Force Security is a licensed and insured security company serving businesses across Ontario for over 15 years. Here’s why you should choose us:

Our skilled parking enforcement professionals are ready to enforce compliance and maintain orderly parking across Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As leaders in Canadian loss prevention, G Force Security specialises in securing retail stores, grocery stores, warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, and other facilities prone to inventory shrinkage and theft.

Our loss prevention agents utilize undercover surveillance, CCTV monitoring, access controls, frequent security patrols, customer bag checks, and other highly visible deterrence measures to cut down on external and internal theft-related losses significantly.

es, G Force provides customised loss prevention training to clients’ staff through on-site workshops or online courses covering theft awareness, fraud detection, evidence handling, de-escalation tactics, and other best practices.

G Force leverages advanced CCTV systems, EAS/RFID tagging, POS data mining, exception reporting, forensic marking sprays, and Dust tagging to enhance loss prevention efforts and strengthen evidence.

Yes, G Force can quickly dispatch our highly trained loss prevention guards and agents within hours to provide emergency coverage or fill temporary gaps thanks to our vast network across Canada.

G Force takes a customised, data-driven approach designing loss prevention programs specific to each client’s assets, risks, operations and goals. We become strategic partners in driving profitability.

With over 30 years of experience pioneering loss prevention in Canada, G Force has the most cutting-edge technology, proven deterrence strategies and theft recovery expertise to maximise clients’ profitability.