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For homeowners in Toronto, Ottawa, London, and Windsor, purchasing a home in a safe neighborhood is of utmost importance. With the help of G Force Security’s professional neighborhood watch team, we aim to deliver the best and most affordable security services where we can reduce crime, strengthen community bonds, and increase residents’ peace of mind.

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    An Introduction to Neighborhood Watch in Canada

    Neighbourhood watch, also known as community watch, brings local civilians together to monitor their surroundings for suspicious or illegal activity, raise awareness amongst them about the regulations and guidelines and keep an eye out for each other’s homes to look out for anything out of the ordinary.

    Why Choose Us

    G Force Security’s best and most affordable neighborhood watch services and community patrol programs leverage close relationships with local law enforcement to create the most effective crime deterrence in Ontario. Being an expert security company with 10+ years of experience and our innovative safe community model, we’re driven to make your neighborhood the safest it can be. Choose G Force for the most trusted and professional community protection.

    The core principles of neighbourhood watch programs include:

    Effectively implemented neighbourhood watch programs can significantly reduce crime in your area. Ontario cities like Toronto, Ottawa, London, Windsor, and more run active community watch efforts to enhance security make their neighbourhoods safer for everyone.


    What participating in a Neighborhood Watch includes?

    To be an active neighbourhood watch member, you should:
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our program trains volunteers to be extra eyes and ears, report suspicious activities, and promotes safety awareness. Neighbours join together to look out for each other.

    Yes, our trained volunteers conduct foot patrols of their neighbourhood a few times per week to deter crime. Some areas also utilise marked security vehicles.

    Volunteers complete comprehensive training in observation skills, reporting procedures, emergency response, and crime prevention strategies. We provide ongoing training.

    Our experts provide a FREE consultation for assessing your security needs under 30 minutes. Participating residents volunteer their time to provide extra security.

    Reach out for a FREE consultation. We’ll meet with your community, develop a customised plan, handle recruitment and training – everything you need to implement an effective program. Call us at 905-519-0101 or mail us at info@gforcesecurity.ca

    Studies show areas with active neighbourhood watch programs see significant reductions in crime and improved security. A collaborative community effort makes a big difference.

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