Secure Your Assets with G Force Security Mobile Patrols in Canada

Protecting your property shouldn’t mean compromising convenience and budget. G Force Security Mobile security patrols provide round-the-clock monitoring without the high costs of onsite guards or expensive security systems.

G Force Security Mobile Security Guards Patrolling Around Ontario, Canada
Mobile Patrol Security Services in Ontario, Canada

Our trained 24/7 on-the-go G Force Security mobile guards are your eyes and ears when you can’t be on location. We deter crime, detect threats, and respond rapidly to incidents at client sites across Ontario. The team patrols the vicinity at scheduled or spontaneous times, remaining vigilant for any suspicious activity, risks, or threats.

Here’s how our Mobile Patrol helps:

Why Choose Us

G Force Security conducts the most highly visible, rigorously randomized mobile patrols in Ontario utilizing our fleet of distinctive Rapid Response vehicles. With 10+ years perfecting our deterrence-based approach, our expertly trained officers and proprietary RapidResponse system provide the most trusted mobile security presence across communities 24/7. Choose G Force for unmatched mobile patrol protection.

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Our Services Areas

Toronto, ON

Mississauga, ON

Hamilton, ON

Brampton, ON

Vaughan, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

We service the greater Ontario, Vancouver, and Quebec metro areas with round-the-clock mobile patrols. We’re able to customize coverage for any neighborhoods within those cities and suburbs.

Our standard package includes patrols 2-3 times per night, 7 days a week, with timing randomized to avoid predictability. Upgrades available for more frequent patrols if higher security is desired.

Our alarm monitoring center receives notifications in real-time and we guarantee a response team dispatched within 5-10 minutes 24/7. Fast response is our number one priority.

Yes, all our patrolling guards are licensed by the Security Services Regulatory Authority and trained to the highest industry standards. Their credentials are world-class.

Our fleet consists of highly visible, specially marked SUVs and trucks to enhance crime deterrence on every patrol. All vehicles are GPS-equipped.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional security services, including alarm systems, remote monitoring, video surveillance, and more. Mobile patrol is just one component of our complete protection.