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Enhance Safety with Expert Mobile Patrol Security Officers

At G Force Security, we provide essential mobile patrols for businesses in different areas of British Columbia like Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, and Burnaby. The primary goal of our mobile patrols is to minimize potential crimes by deterring wrongdoers.
Our proactive measures include comprehensive inspections, illegal access detection, and system integrity checks to reduce the likelihood of criminal incidents. G Force Security serves various sectors, including retail, corporate, commercial, and construction, providing day-and-night security services. Our well-trained mobile patrols move through multiple zones, improve visibility, and maintain a dynamic security presence in response to suspicious activity.
As a local security company, we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable and best security guard services tailored to your needs. Choose G Force Security for professional and expert local security services, ensuring your business remains safe and secure around the clock. 

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    Trusted Mobile Patrolling Guard Services

    Vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access can compromise your safety. G Force Security offers the best mobile patrolling guard services to safeguard your property. Our mobile patrol security minimizes expenses while maximizing security for companies, residences, and communities. We patrol and monitor suspicious activities, and act swiftly in case of intrusion. You can rely on our mobile patrolling services in Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, ON; Mississauga, ON; Hamilton, ON; and many other locations across Canada.

    Our highly trained and professional security officers act as a visible deterrent, patrolling your site at random intervals day and night. We are the best mobile patrol security company, providing:

    • Rapid response to alarms and emergencies
    • Thorough inspections of the perimeter and buildings
    • Detailed reports documenting every patrol
    • Peace of mind knowing your project is secure

    Hire our mobile patrolling guard services to get the best service and security from the best professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive mobile patrol security services. 

    Here’s how our Mobile Patrol helps:

    Why Choose Our Mobile Patrolling Guard Services?

    Traditional on-site guards can be expensive and limited in their reach. Our affordable & best mobile patrolling guard services offer a dynamic solution with several key advantages:

    • Enhanced Vigilance: Our security officers are well-trained and professional to conduct the inspections as required. They are very observant and can notice any signs of break-ins, malicious activities, or other vices.
    • Rapid Response: Mobile patrols respond quicker to alarms and emergencies since they are always moving. This way, you can minimize potential loss and damage to your site.
    • Extensive Coverage: Unlike static guards, our mobile patrols cover a larger area, deterring crime across your property. Regular patrols at random intervals make us unpredictable, keeping potential intruders on their toes.
    • Detailed Reporting: We provide real-time reporting for each patrol to ensure that you are well informed of the security situation of your property.

    Contact us today to learn more about how our mobile patrolling guard services can be customized for your business. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We service the greater Ontario, Vancouver, and Quebec metro areas with round-the-clock mobile patrols. We’re able to customize coverage for any neighborhoods within those cities and suburbs.

    Our standard package includes patrols 2-3 times per night, 7 days a week, with timing randomized to avoid predictability. Upgrades available for more frequent patrols if higher security is desired.

    Our alarm monitoring center receives notifications in real-time and we guarantee a response team dispatched within 5-10 minutes 24/7. Fast response is our number one priority.

    Yes, all our patrolling guards are licensed by the Security Services Regulatory Authority and trained to the highest industry standards. Their credentials are world-class.

    Our fleet consists of highly visible, specially marked SUVs and trucks to enhance crime deterrence on every patrol. All vehicles are GPS-equipped.

    We offer a comprehensive range of professional security services, including alarm systems, remote monitoring, video surveillance, and more. Mobile patrol is just one component of our complete protection.

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