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With over 30 years of experience assessing risks, designing protection programs, and implementing security technology, we become trusted partners in safeguarding your people, property, information and reputation. Our consultative process looks at all aspects of your operations, vulnerabilities, industry threats and long-term goals. We then create a strategic, cost-effective security plan tailored to your unique needs.

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    For proven loss prevention, to pursue discreet investigations, or for elite tactical teams – trust G Force Security Consulting & Planning services to enhance safety, efficiency and preparedness. Contact us for initial security consultations, risk evaluations, or to review the security options in our consulting services portfolio. Our experts are ready to partner with you.
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    Ensuring the right security solutions for your assets and risks starts with proper planning and consultation.

    At G Force Security,our experts provide professional security consulting services including:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide highly trained, licensed security guards for commercial buildings, warehouses, construction sites, events, retailers, hotels, apartment buildings and more across Canada.

    Our guards undergo extensive background checks, skills testing, medical exams, drug screening, reference verification and ongoing training to meet our stringent selection standards.

    We provide both armed and unarmed security personnel, depending on the requirements of the client and site. Our guards are licensed for both capacities.

    Yes, our guards receive site-specific training as well as certification in areas like first aid/CPR, workplace violence prevention, crisis response, and theft prevention for superior protection.

    With diligent guard oversight, real-time check-ins, and regular site visits, we guarantee the reliability and professionalism of every guard we provide for consistent security coverage.

    With strict hiring standards, robust training programs and 30+ years of experience, our guards are Canada’s most trusted, proactive security personnel for all business environments.

    Get Your Security Needs Assessed Under 30 MINUTES

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