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Protection for VIPs, Celebrities, and Public Figures

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    Premier Executive Protection & Body Guard Services in Ontario

    GForce Security continues to be an Expert Security Company that constantly provides the best and most affordable executive security services to well-known public personalities in Ontario cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Vaughan. Having decades of combined experience, our highly skilled and professional security agents have provided discreet personal security for business executives, celebrities, dignitaries, and other VIPs in need of executive protection services–making GForce the best professional local security company across Canada.


    G Force Security conducts thorough assessments to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and customise protection to match each executive protection services client’s needs. We provide:

    We understand the unique concerns of prominent figures needing executive protection services. Our private security guard agents operate respectfully to preserve clients’ privacy and avoid drawing unnecessary attention in public.

    Elite Protection for VIPs, Celebrities, and Public Figures

    G Force Security protects VIPs:

    Our VIP security and protection services are tailored for every client’s specific needs and situation. Our discreet solutions keep our clients safe without disrupting their activities.

    Why Choose Us

    Discreet and Professional Personal Security

    We pride ourselves on providing ironcladprotection through non-intrusive means across Ontario cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Vaughan. Our private security guard agents blend seamlessly into the background or keep a respectfully low profile. Operational planning ensures a secure environment for clients while avoiding drawing unnecessary public attention. With G Force Security’s executive protection services, prominent figures in Ontario can feel at ease knowing their safety and privacy is handled by seasoned professionals. Veterans in their field, including former police officers, military, and security personnel, make up our elite protection team. The best executive security services provider with a team with more than 10 years of security expertise, the G Force Security team is equipped to discreetly and safely transport, escort, and safeguard our clients wherever in Ontario.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have extensive experience providing discreet 24/7 personal protection for CEOs, celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and other prominent public figures across Canada.

    We conduct in-depth assessments analysing threats, vulnerabilities, public exposure, online presence, travel plans, and more to customise an appropriate security plan.

    Yes, our executive protection extends to all business and personal travel destinations across Canada and worldwide as needed through our global security partner network.

    Services include residential security, private event security, travel security, cybersecurity consulting, emergency response, and complete 24/7 personal protection tailored to individual risks.

    Our agents have elite backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and intelligence with superior training in dignitary protection, evasive driving, emergency response, and more.

    With 10+ years securing high-profile individuals, we have unparalleled experience providing discrete, professional executive protection adept at handling Canadian security landscapes.

    Get Your Security Needs Assessed Under 30 MINUTES

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