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With G Force Security, you can rest assured knowing your business assets and employees are protected round the clock by our staff.

Patrol Security Guards Services Ontario, Canada

Trusted Office & Facilities Security Services in Ontario

Patrol security plays a vital role in proactively protecting your property and assets. G Force Security provides skilled patrol guards and officers equipped with the latest technology to secure facilities across Ontario, Quebec & Vancouver.

With over 15 years of experience, we understand the importance of vigilant mobile patrols and surveillance. Our security experts will assess your needs and customize a patrol plan focusing on areas vulnerable to trespassing, theft or vandalism.

G Force Security patrol guards are highly trained in observation, emergency response, documentation and deterring crime through visible presence. We aim to provide a sense of security and rapid incident response.



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Why Choose G Force Security for Your Patrolling Needs?

When choosing a security provider for proactive patrols, you want an experienced company who is licensed, insured and tailored to your needs. Here are compelling reasons to rely on G Force Security:


Our skilled patrol guards are ready to proactively monitor and protect your assets across Canada. With G Force Security, you can rest assured knowing your business assets and employees are protected round the clock by our staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We customise patrol frequency based on the unique size and security needs of your property. Our patrols typically range from every 1-4 hours but can be more or less frequent as required to properly secure your site.

Our highly trained patrol guards are ready to respond to trespassers, break-ins, thefts, vandalism, unauthorised access, safety hazards and more. We will contact authorities immediately for any serious crimes observed on your property.

Our patrol guards comprehensively log all security activities in real-time. We provide detailed analytical reports covering any incidents, observations, recommendations and accountability during patrols of your property.

For optimal coverage across large areas, we strategically deploy solo patrol guards in marked security vehicles. Our guards maintain constant communication with our 24/7 command centre and backup is dispatched rapidly as needed.

Our competitive pricing is based on the frequency and length of patrols, number of guards needed, types of vehicles, equipment utilised and overall services provided. We offer cost-effective rates tailored to your budget.

Absolutely. We can mobilise our highly trained and professional patrol guards rapidly for any short notice or temporary security needs – 24/7.