Trusted Condominium Concierge & Security Services in Canada

Condominiums and abodes around major cities rely on professional concierge and security services to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their residents. As a premier security provider, G Force Security specializes in providing condos with highly skilled concierge staff and security personnel to meet their unique needs.

Condos and Apartments Security guards Ontario, Canada

Trusted Condominium Concierge & Security Services in Canada

With over a decade of experience serving the condo market, we understand the significance of having reliable concierge service and security measures in place. Our highly trained & experienced staff provide courteous and attentive concierge assistance, as well as vigilant 24/7 security protection.

At G Force Security, we work closely with each condominium’s board and management to develop tailored concierge and security solutions. From staffing the front desk and controlling access to monitoring surveillance systems and conducting patrols, we endeavour to enhance security while delivering exceptional concierge services to condo residents.

Tailored Concierge & Security Solutions for Your Property

Our experienced team works closely with condo boards and managers to provide tailored concierge and security programs customised to meet their requirements and budget constraints. Services we commonly provide include:

Concierge Services:

Security Services:  

Why Choose Us

Why Choose G Force Security for Your Condo's and Residential Security Needs?

When choosing a security solutions provider for your condominium property, you want a company that is professional, responsive, and tailored to your needs. Here are some of the reasons to choose G Force Security:


With G Force Security, you can rest assured knowing your condominium and residents are protected round the clock by our professional security personnel. We make it our top priority to deliver premier condo concierge and security services.

Our staff can wear customised uniforms with your condominium’s logo and colours. Book a FREE consultation for a competitive quote on condo concierge and security services tailored to your building.

Contact us today at 905-519-0101 to learn more about our security services. Our security experts will conduct a full assessment and recommend a customised solution for your facilities in under 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in providing concierge services for luxury high-rise condominiums, apartment buildings, gated communities, and private residential complexes across Canada.

Our concierge handles visitor access control, parcel delivery, amenities access, residential assistance, liaison with building staff, and attentive customer service.

Our concierges undergo customer service excellence training, security procedures training, and site orientation to provide knowledgeable, professional service.

Yes, we provide highly trained mobile and front desk security guards to complement our concierge services for complete building security coverage.

We consult closely with building management to design a customised program meeting your specific security and concierge service needs.

Our 10+ years of residential security experience, training expertise, and focus on customer service makes us the top choice for premium concierge and security.