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Why Does Your Business Need Fire Watch Security in 2024?

Wondering how important it is for your property/business to have a reliable fire watch guard service?  Fires cause severe threats to properties and assets each year. Having a fire watch security guard provides an extra layer of protection when alarm systems are impaired. 

In this blog, we will understand the key factors to look at while identifying a security services provider for your residence and business in order to safeguard them against fire emergencies. 

Legal Requirements for Business Owners or Landlords

According to the Ontario Fire Code and Ontario Health & Safety regulations, a Fire Watch must be started immediately using Fire Watch personnel if a building’s sprinkler system or fire alarm goes offline for any reason. Furthermore, whenever temporary gas-powered appliances, like heaters, are used on building or renovation sites. When torches or other open flame-based appliances are being used, a fire watch must be kept.

Personnel working as security guards under the Fire Watch program must fulfil the requirements for competence outlined in the and complete Fire Watch training. According to the guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), all MPS Fire Watch Guards receive Fire Watch training.

Places that require a Fire Watch Guard in Ontario

 Whether or not your insurer requires you to hire one, enlisting the services of a fire watch security firm in Toronto is a smart business move. The cost of hiring fire watch security will pay for itself in the long run, especially since you can have peace of mind about the security of your business and will also get tax rebates. 

Top facilities that should have a Fire Watch Guard include:

Construction Sites

construction sites

  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery: Heavy machinery and equipment are commonly utilized on building sites. Regular maintenance and use of these tools could lead to sparks or other fire hazards if not closely supervised.
  • Welding Operations: Sparks from welding, which have the potential to ignite flammable materials, are frequently produced on construction sites. A fire watch is essential to stop possible fire incidents during welding activities.

Industrial Facilities

industrial facilities

  • Handling of Flammable Substances: Chemicals and materials are commonly handled in workplaces. A well-managed fire watch helps early detection and guarantees rapid action to prevent possible fires from worsening.
  • Mechanical Failures: When equipment fails, there may be a risk of fire due to overheating or electrical problems. By quickly identifying these problems, a watchful fire watch can reduce the probability out.

Forests and Wildlands

forests and wildlands

  • Dry Conditions and Vegetation: Arid climates with much vegetation are likelier to experience forest fires. For authorities to contain wildfires before they spread widely and become challenging to control, fire watch becomes crucial for early detection.
  • Human Activities: Intentional fires in forested areas can be caused by human activities such as campfires or abandoned cigarettes. A fire watch security guard is essential to identify and address these possible ignition sources.

Special Events and Gatherings

special events and gatherings

  • Crowd Management: Because there is a higher concentration of people at large gatherings, there is often a higher risk of fire incidents. To ensure a quick and organized escape in an emergency, a fire watch is crucial for crowd control during events.
  • Diverse Activities: There is a higher risk of fire at events that feature a variety of activities, such as food vendors, electrical setups, and performances. A fire watch ensures the safety of these operations.

Hotels and Resorts

hotels and resorts

  • Kitchen Operations: Kitchen fires are common in hotels and resorts with large kitchens. A fire watch is required to monitor cooking activities, and they react fast to any possible fire incidents.
  • Outdoor Spaces: To prevent uncontrolled fires and ensure the safety of both guests and staff, properties featuring outdoor areas, such as open fire pits or barbecue areas, must keep a constant eye on the situation.

Historical Sites and Museums

historical sites and resorts

  • Artefact preservation: Priceless and frequently irreplaceable artefacts are kept in museums and historic sites. A fire watch is crucial to prevent the destructive effects of fires on these cultural treasures.
  • Aged Infrastructure: Fire hazards may be associated with some historical sites’ older buildings. A regular fire watch is essential to spot possible problems and implement preventative measures.

Oil and Gas Installations

oil and gas installations

  • Highly Flammable Substances: Oil and gas installations handle highly flammable substances. Requiring a fire watch to keep everyone on high alert is essential to reducing the likelihood of significant incidents, such as explosions.
  • Complex Machinery: There is a fire risk when the complex machinery used in oil and gas facilities malfunctions. Fire watch employees can recognise and act upon such circumstances with speed.

Airports and Aircraft

airports and aircraft

  • Fuel Handling: Managing a lot of fuel is part of operating an aircraft. Maintaining a fire watch is essential for quickly responding to fuel-related incidents and avoiding massive fires.
  • Electrical Systems: Airports are equipped with sophisticated electrical systems. A fire watch lowers the risk of electrical fires by ensuring that possible electrical problems are found early on.

Why Choose G Force Security as your Security Service Provider?

  • Customized Solutions

Tailored Site Assessment: Seek out companies that offer customized site assessments to pinpoint particular fire hazards and guarantee a customized fire watch schedule.

Adaptability to Industry: Evaluate the provider’s capacity to modify services to meet your requirements, guaranteeing a successful fire watch plan tailored to your sector or event.

Continuous Evaluation: Select a supplier who conducts ongoing evaluations and upgrades to account for modifications to your property and sector.

  • Equipment and Technology

Cutting-Edge Integration: Verify that the supplier uses the latest technologies to minimize false alarms and provide quick and accurate fire detection.

Training Emphasis: Seek suppliers who strongly emphasize training users to operate the newest equipment effectively in an emergency.

Scalability: Verify the provider’s ability to adjust technology to accommodate changes in the size or layout of your property.

  •  Competitive Pricing

Flexible Pricing Model: Select a provider with a flexible pricing structure that can adjust to modifications in the size of the property or particular needs.

Maintenance Inclusion: To guarantee the best possible operation of fire safety equipment, determine if the contract covers regular maintenance.

  • Expertise 

Industry-Specific Experience: Find out about the company’s background in your sector and ask for case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Online Reputation: Look up online reviews to learn about the service provider’s dependability, responsiveness, and effectiveness.

  • Contract Terms and Flexibility

Service Modifications: Select a supplier prepared to modify services in response to evolving conditions to guarantee a flexible and adaptable fire watch schedule.

Renewal Options: Check for renewal options and incentives for long-term commitments, indicating the provider’s responsibility to lasting partnerships.

  • Emergency Planning

Simulation Exercises: Ask the provider about their emergency planning strategy. Which should include training programs that promote resident and team preparedness.

Communication Protocols: To ensure a coordinated response with emergency services, be aware of communication protocols in times of crisis.

Post-Incident Review: Look for providers committed to continuous improvement through thorough post-incident reviews, enhancing the emergency response plan.


In the ever-evolving landscape of 2024, the need for fire watch services has become imperative across industries. Fire watch security services are not just a precaution but a commitment to securing our – businesses, events and residences against fire hazards. G Force Security is not just a name but a symbol of reliability, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to making  Canada safer for all. 

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