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How Mobile Patrol Security Can Protect Your Business?

In 2024, business thefts increased in major Canadian cities. According to CBC reports, there was an increase in commercial areas in Vancouver & Ontario during the same period in 2023 as compared to 2017.

Having full-time security officers on site is an extremely effective way to help deter crime. Mobile Patrol Security and alarm response are other possible options for your company’s security needs. 

In this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the core businesses & industries where mobile patrols will enhance business safety.

  • Cover Several Areas
  • Alarm or Emergency Response System
  • Cost-Effective Option

Suitable for Multiple Businesses & Facilities

Mobile security officers are highly trained to conduct customized patrol checks for a range of industries and commercial facilities using marked security vehicles. These industries include:

  • Retail Stores
  • Open-Air Shopping Centres
  • Commercial Offices
  • Warehouse or Storage Facilities
  • Light / Heavy Industrial
  • Campus Patrols for Post-Secondary Education Institutions
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Parking Lots and Garages

mobile patrol security

Our mobile security officers at G Force Security also use top-notch software & tracking for reporting incidents, verifying patrols, and outlining alarm responses. With the help of easy-to-use software, our front-line mobile security team can stay in constant communication with management, the back office, and our customers.

Alarm or Emergency Response System

Businesses of all categories, from huge factories to retail enterprises, are safer when they utilize mobile security patrols and on-site security guards. To maximize the performance of the mobile security patrol, the officer must get out of the vehicle and perform the patrol on foot. While on patrol, Mobile Security Officers will react immediately if they detect anything unusual, including suspicious activity, sounds, or smells. They execute these tasks in accordance with prearranged directives and incident reporting protocols.

Faster than Emergency Responders

Because of their extensive training, mobile security officers are equipped to handle any situation that arises during an incident. When an alarm goes off during one of the randomly planned mobile patrols, our Operations Center can use the GPS to find the closest available mobile security officer and send them to your location right away.

In the same way, a business owner or employee can contact our Operations Center and request that the Mobile Officer be sent out as an emergency response if they witness a security incident. Due to the way these kinds of security incidents are prioritized. G Force Security is typically able to react more quickly than other emergency responders in both scenarios.

Alarms that require access to buildings after hours, such as burglar and fire alarms, dropped 911 calls, and other situations, are handled by mobile security officers. In order to assist people in getting from their place of employment to their cars. They can also offer Safe-Walk Services. Sometimes, our Mobile Security Officers will even accompany individuals as they walk to the closest public transportation hub. Like a bus stop or Train station, and wait there.

Additionally, mobile security officers patrol facility areas to look for signs of:

  • Property damage or potential safety risks
  • Windows and doors that should be locked but aren’t
  • Unauthorized individual(s) on the property
  • Unusual Behavior 
  • Conflict Resolution

Cost Effective Option

You might be correct if you’re thinking, “My business doesn’t need a full-time Security Officer.” However, electronic security systems, such as burglary or CCTV Camera systems, are mostly reactive and only offer some level of deterrence.
Mobile patrols cover more ground and can be scheduled strategically based on security needs, reducing overall security costs.

Essentially, you are only contacted after the damage occurs, which means you’re paying the insurance deductible before paying increased premiums in the future. Mobile patrol is the ideal security solution for you because of this.

Documentation and Reporting

Mobile patrol officers often use technology such as GPS tracking, time-stamped photos, or electronic reporting systems to document their patrols and any incidents encountered. This provides business clients with detailed records of security activities and helps identify patterns or areas of concern.

Static Security Officers vs Mobile Security Officers

Static or ordinary security security officers are different in many ways from mobile security officers.

A security officer stationed at a particular location for a predetermined amount of time—usually eight or more hours per day—is known as a static security program. Even with just three random patrols lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. A well-designed mobile security program can frequently produce the same intended results. Therefore, mobile security patrols can be scheduled to occur within the same windows of time without you having to pay when they are idle. Instead of paying for a static security officer to sit idle between patrols.

High-Contrast Security Cars & SUVs

mobile patrol security

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent criminal activity at your property is to have a security vehicle that is clearly marked with a visible warning system. 

We usually park the high-visibility security vehicle in the most prominent location to act as a secondary deterrent while the mobile security officer is appropriately conducting their foot patrol. Our mobile team’s equipment and reporting can also identify patterns and suggest upgrades for your building. Such as better lighting, security systems, or shifting patrol times.

Why Choose G Force’s Mobile Security Officers?

You can choose G Force’s Mobile Security Officers for these main reasons: their quick and effective response to security threats and their detailed accountability practices. But what makes them even more impressive is their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Our Mobile Patrol Security Guards implement their professional route planning strategies. It helps them to prevent any random hazard before they even rise. First, our security professionals analyze your business. And then they create optimal patrol routes that help them keep an eye on overall coverage and visibility in key areas. 

Choose G Force Security! Because they know how to utilize surveillance technology (CCTV Integration for Real-time monitoring, Alarm Installation, etc.). Our Approach combines human vigilance with effective strategies for unparalleled security coverage.

By investing in mobile patrol with G Force Security, Our mobile security officers will ensure your safety and peace of mind so you can continue your business.

 Contact Us at  (905)-519-0101  to explore how we can assist you while maintaining the highest standards of legality and ethics. 

Your peace of mind is our priority.

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