Questions To Ask Security Company in Canada

Question to Ask A Security Company In Canada

In Canada, hundreds of robberies take place every day which is increasing day by day. Most of

these robberies target businesses because they can get good cash by targeting them.

Apart from the businesses and commercial sectors robberies are taking place in residential sectors as well where robbers entered the house and rob all the expensive things and also sometimes they harm the residents of a house if they feel any danger.

Robbers killed many innocent people while robbing and in order to prevent these tragedies homeowners, and several businesses start taking the services of a security company to secure their businesses like shops, offices, etc, and their homes.

But before hiring a security company for your business or home it’s recommended to check the security company’s background how reliable they are and how much they can protect your home or business from being robbed.

If you are going to hire a security company for your home or business security then you must ask them these questions before you hire them for protecting your home or business.

10 Questions To Ask A Security Company In Canada:

Here are the top 10 most essential questions that you should ask a security company before hiring them:

1. What Services Do You Offer?

The first question that you should ask a security company in Canada is what types of security services you are offering to your customers. It is necessary to ask them about their services so you can get an idea whether the security service that you required they are offering or not.

Usually, most security companies provide commercial security, special event security, residential security, industrial security, etc. You can ask them about their services by phone call or can know by visiting their website.

2. How Long You Have Been Serving This Area?

Your security company must have experience in serving the area where you want security service. It is because security services differ from place to place and all places need different types of security services.

For that reason, you should go with a security company that has expertise in serving the particular area where you need security.

3. How Are Your Guards Trained?

Every state in Canada has its own legal requirements for the training, education, and qualification of its security guards. So, before you hire a security company keep the state requirements in mind and ensure that the security company guards are well-prepared and trained according to the required qualification.

4. Are Your Guards Armed Or Unarmed?

In some types of security, you need guards with weapons like if you are hiring a security company for your commercial shop, office, etc. In this situation, you should ask the security company whether their guards carry weapons or not.

If you need armed guards and the security company you are hiring guards are not properly trained to use weapons then chances are very high they would injure themselves or civilians.

5. How Do You Monitor Your Guards?

When you hired a security company for your home, office, or shop then it’s not your responsibility to monitor the guard’s activity. Rather the security company should handle, monitor, and supervise the guard’s work.

You can ask the company about their strategies how they monitor their guards, what equipment they are using, and how they measure their performances.

Asking these small questions will help you to exactly know whether the security guards you are hiring for your business are productive or not.

6. How Do You Deal With Emergencies?

Emergencies might arise from crimes, workplace accidents, or power outages.

Should a situation arise, a seasoned private security team will have plans in place.

Inquire about their processes to get a sense of how they could respond in an emergency.

Recall that amid a crisis situation, every respected security personnel should be certain, helpful, and composed!

7. Are You Licensed And Insured?

Are you licensed and insured or not? This is the question that you should ask before hiring a security company. Every security company in Canada must be licensed and insured by the department of public safety.

A security company that is licensed and insured means that all its employees are properly screened with a background check and fingerprinting.

8. What Do Your Customers Say About You?

The best way to check how reliable and trustworthy the security company is is to check the valuable reviews of their current or past customers on their website, google business, and social media accounts.

If you don’t see any testimonials section on the company website you can directly ask them about it so they can provide you with a reference.

If the security company is unable to provide their testimonials then it means the company is not reliable and it’s a newly built company which don’t have practical experience.

9. How Can I Contact You If I Need Assistance?

You should hire a security company which you can get in touch with easily. After you hired a security company then you need to get in touch with them sometimes if you face any security problems or you have to complain about their guards.

Ask for their business contact details, and their available hours so that you can easily get in touch with easily.

10. What Are Your Pricing Plans?

It is important to know the final pricing of the security company before you hire them for your business or home.

No doubt pricing plans for each type of security differ from security type so that’s why you can ask for the pricing plan of a particular security service that you want.

Most security companies create a pricing page on their website so customers can easily know about the pricing of a particular service.

If you are unable to find the pricing page on their website you can directly ask them.

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