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Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring Security Guards in Toronto

Ensuring safety for your property or business in Toronto often requires hiring professional security personnel. However, what factors determine how much hiring security guards cost in the city?

In this blog, we’ll explore the key considerations that impact hiring security guard/team costs. Read on for insights to help find affordable, reliable security in Toronto.

Top Factors Influencing Security Guard Rates in Toronto


Areas with higher crime rates or frequent security incidents often require more extensive protection. Additional security guards, patrols, and equipment may be recommended basis the needs of a client, increasing costs for safeguarding businesses in high-risk areas of the city.

2. Threat Level

Higher-risk environments may necessitate extensive security presence, advanced security equipment, and specially trained security professionals

Rest assured, G Force Security is well-equipped to handle varying threats and offers top-notch security services.

Our security experts meticulously analyze the potential risks to devise a comprehensive security plan that mitigates threats effectively.

3. Working Hours and Shifts

The number of hours and shift schedules influence the cost of hiring a security guard or team in Toronto. Round-the-clock protection is more expensive than hourly night patrols. We customize schedules to suit your needs and budget.

Contact us today for your FREE event security consultation and quote. Our experts will fully assess and recommend a customized solution for your facilities in under 30 minutes.

4. Experience & Expertise of Guards

Highly trained, licensed guards with law enforcement or military backgrounds understandably have higher rates. Their expertise provides peace of mind and professional security service.

Type of Security

Armed guards, executive protection, and specialized services like loss prevention cost more than basic unarmed security personnel. The specific security needs dictate price points.

Our diverse range of tailored security solutions ensures that your assets, businesses, and people are protected well round-the-clock.

Company Reputation

The reputation and track reEstb. Security firms with strong reputations invest in top talent. This expertise calls for slightly higher pricing.

Average Security Guard Rates in Toronto


    • Unarmed security guards: $15-$25/hour

    • Armed security guards: $25-$35/hour

    • Event security guards: $20-$30/hour

    • Executive close protection: $50+/hour

    • 24/7 security guards: Discounted bulk rates

Choose G Force Security in Toronto.

With over a decade of experience providing professional security services in Toronto and GTA, G Force Security Offers:

Licensed, Skilled Guards: Our guards hold provincial licenses and boast training ranging from first aid to self-defense and using force to minimize threats.

Tailored Protection: We assess risks and needs to design a cost-effective security plan unique to every client we serve.

24/7 Operations: Our team is available around the clock to protect your property and assets.

Affordable Solutions: Our competitive rates balance professional service with your budget constraints.

Protect your interests with G Force Security’s affordable, tailored security services in Toronto.

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