monitored vs unmonitored security systems

Monitored vs Unmonitored Security Systems

As a Canadian business owner, securing commercial property against theft, vandalism, and disruptions is a critical priority. According to Statistics Canada, over 30% of businesses fall victim to property crime yearly. This results in massive losses averaging $6.9 billion annually across the Canadian economy.

Installing a cutting-edge security system has become vital for effective defense today. However, deciding between monitored vs unmonitored security systems setup brings many factors to weigh.

In this guide, G Force Security explores the critical differences between monitored vs unmonitored security system types to help businesses discover their ideal balance of robust protection and affordability.

What is a Monitored Security System?

Professionally monitored security systems involve centralized offsite and onsite security personnel proactively overseeing cameras, sensors, and perimeter access controls. And other connected security hardware 24/7 to detect and rapidly respond to confirmed threats in real-time.

Monitored Security Systems


Benefits of Monitored Security System

Enhanced Real-Time Crime Prevention

With live monitoring feeds and security personnel patrolling the site continuously, criminal incidents can be prevented proactively – often deterring 90% of break-ins.

If necessary, guards can also instantly verify and safely control the situation on-site while simultaneously dispatching police to arrest thieves still on site, limiting business disruptions or asset loss.

Faster Support During Extreme Crises 

Whether a violent trespasser, unexpected fire, or other workplace emergency, Security personnel have established protocols for immediately mobilizing extra assistance to contain extreme incidents beyond a manager’s or business owner’s safe capacities.

Customized Monitoring Packages

Reputable providers like G Force Security offer complete customization options when designing monitoring solutions for your facilities – factoring in exact layouts, valuables, seasonal risks, remote sites, onsite guard capabilities, and operational nuances. Hence, no vulnerability goes unaddressed across all sites.

Potential Drawbacks of Professionally Monitored Security

Higher Monthly Costs

Indeed, the top tradeoff for robust 24/7 professional monitoring is increased monthly fees tied to your subscription for these external services. However, prevented financial and productivity losses often outweigh the costs.

Dependency on Third-Party Monitoring

These systems rely on external monitoring centers to alert authorities in case of emergencies. This dependency can be a concern if the monitoring service experiences downtime, technical issues, or if there is a delay in response time.

What is an Unmonitored Security System?

Unmonitored business security relies on an independent closed-circuit setup of security cameras, intruder alarms, access control sensors, motion detectors, and other hardware to detect threats – without constant real-time oversight by a dedicated third-party monitoring provider.

Instead, automated alerts are sent straight to the business owners themselves via mobile push notifications or emails if any integrated equipment is triggered. It becomes their sole responsibility to remotely access the CCTV monitoring system after receiving an alert to review footage and assess if an actual break-in or vandalism occurs before manually contacting law enforcement as needed.

Unmonitored Security Systems

Potential Benefits of Unmonitored Security

Lower Upfront Costs (Approx. $1500-$5,000)

The main advantage of an unmonitored security system is avoiding monthly monitoring subscription fees charged by third-party providers to view and respond to your system. 

The only costs involved are the initial equipment purchase and professional installation expenses.

Overall capital costs for unmonitored packages range widely from $1500 to $5,000+ depending on whether basic DIY setups or advanced wired systems with numerous features are implemented across one’s properties.

Greater Sense of Control

With no external monitoring company, some business owners prefer managing their security via self-monitoring. Viewing security footage and getting notifications directly gives a greater sense of control over protecting one’s property compared to relying on outsider monitoring teams.

Potential Drawbacks of Unmonitored Security

Around-the-Clock Coverage Challenging

While It is helpful for retrospective evidence in case of incidents. A single manager can’t monitor dozens of security feeds without resting constantly. Without multiple dedicated personnel working overlapping shifts, there will inevitably be gaps in protection guaranteed to be exploited by criminals.

Based on industry research, it is evident that unmonitored locations experience 3 times more theft on average. 

The lack of 24/7 threat detection is the primary reason behind this alarming statistic. Experienced thieves can take advantage of vulnerabilities in these locations as soon as they are unattended. They often have already screened the properties due to a lack of patrolled security personnel on-site.

Delayed Emergency Response

According to recent RCMP reports, the average Canadian burglary lasts only about 10 minutes once perpetrators enter the premises

However, even with mobile alerts, by the time a business owner remotely checks an incident notification and reviews relevant camera footage and sensor logs to confirm an actual break-in has occurred. The perpetrator may already have fled before authorities finally arrived. 

Crime lasts minutes, while emergency response takes longer.

This leaves owners faced with expensive repairs, inventory losses that disrupt business, and violated community members – none of which self-monitoring can adequately prevent once thieves access the building. Quick police response is also not guaranteed even with the video evidence.

No Support During Extreme Crises

If multiple armed assailants or violent crises manifest, managers/business owners may not have any backup support or experience for safely handling such scenarios outside their experience. Unlike veteran security personnel specifically trained for a wide range of conflicts.

Making the Best Security Decision for Your Organization

When comparing monitored vs unmonitored security systems. G Force Security recommends professionally monitored solutions for most companies or business owners to ensure guaranteed, round-the-clock threat detection, response, and customizable packages. That is tailored to your sites and provides invaluable around-the-clock capabilities no single owner can replicate alone.

Without question, increased monthly costs contribute heavily to total security expenses. However, factoring in significantly enhanced real-time prevention of damages, thefts, and liability risks, business disruptions reveal powerful net ROI across months and years for monitored systems.

To learn more & get professional security monitoring services contact G Force Security at 905-519-0101 to book a free consultation with our security experts within 30 minutes.

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