CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring You Can Trust in Ontario

Video Surveillance & CCTV Installation Services You Can Trust in Canada


For effective security and peace of mind, trust G Force Security for Video surveillance CCTV Installation and monitoring services in Ontario, Canada. With over 10 years of experience securing businesses, construction sites, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and more, we are the top choice for comprehensive video surveillance solutions.

CCTV Surveillance Tailored to Your Needs

Our expert team will conduct a site evaluation and recommend the ideal CCTV camera and monitoring system for your specific requirements. We offer:

Benefit from proactive surveillance instead of just reacting to incidents. Our systems deter crime, minimise losses and protect what matters most.

Complete Video Monitoring Services

In addition to installing CCTV equipment, we also provide:

With live eyes watching your cameras at all times, you gain an extra layer of protection and assurance. Our operators contact authorities the moment an incident occurs.

Why Businesses Trust G Force Security

We handle projects of all sizes, from single commercial locations to multi-site deployments. Our CCTV surveillance improves security and provides evidence when needed.

To learn more about our CCTVinstallation and monitoring service capabilities across Canada, call G Force Security at 905-519-0101 or VISIT . We serve clients across Canada with transparent, competitively priced offerings customised to your needs. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Focus on high-risk areas like entrances/exits, cash rooms, lobbies, parking lots, loading docks, etc. We’ll perform a full site assessment to identify vulnerabilities.

    We recommend at least 1080p HD resolution with a wide viewing angle. This provides clear identification while covering more area.

    We offer both cloud and local storage options. Most systems store data for 30 days, with high-priority video archived indefinitely.

    Costs vary depending on the number of cameras, features and monitoring plans. We offer affordable packages to fit every budget.

    Our systems allow secure remote viewing from any internet-connected device. We can also provide managed video monitoring.