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Many people and businesses find themselves needing discreet investigation services for legal, corporate or personal reasons at some point. A professional private investigator can legally obtain information to help with:

  • Infidelity and marital issues
  • Pre-matrimonial screening
  • Child custody disputes
  • Due diligence on employees/partners
  • Background checks
  • Locating missing persons
  • Gathering evidence for lawsuits
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Corporate espionage and fraud
  • Surveillance of suspects

Licensed and experienced private eyes have the skills and resources to handle investigations both efficiently and discreetly while operating within legal bounds.

Our Private Investigation Services in Ontario, Vancouver and Quebec

G Force Investigations offers the following expert investigation services across Ontario:

Why Choose Us

With over 10 years of experience serving clients across Ontario, G Force Investigations is a trusted name for discreet, legal private investigations. Here’s why clients depend on us:

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For trusted, legal private investigation services anywhere in Ontario, you can reach out to l G Force Investigations at 905-519-0101 or fill out our online consultation form. Our discreet specialists will contact you promptly to understand your needs, while maintaining full confidentiality.

There can be many situations where individuals or businesses find that they require discreet investigation services. From marital disputes to insurance claims, due diligence, and missing persons, licensed private investigators have the skills and expertise to legally gather information and evidence that can protect your interests.

Our private investigators are licensed from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to operate legally. When looking to hire a private investigator, it is crucial to select an experienced, insured agency that follows a strict code of ethics and confidentiality.

G Force Investigations is a trusted private investigation firm serving clients across Ontario for over 10 years. Our confidential, professional investigators have handled various sensitive cases and can operate efficiently while protecting sensitive information.

For personal matters, our private eyes in Ontario routinely conduct investigations related to marital infidelity, child custody disputes, prenuptial screening of future spouses, finding biological parents, searching for missing friends and relatives, due diligence on potential roommates or caregivers, and gathering evidence for personal injury or fraud lawsuits.

Our corporate clients also hire us to investigate industrial espionage by competitors and secure electronic and paper trails as evidence.

G Force Investigations has experienced investigators that specialise in niche areas like digital forensics, online profiling, asset searches, undercover assignments, and surveillance using the latest technology. Yet, we always customise our approach based on the unique needs of each client. Discreetness, speed, accuracy and meticulous documentation is our priority for every investigation.

As licensed professionals, our private investigators in Ontario operate strictly within legal limits. We never misrepresent to obtain any information. Our code of ethics prohibits us from disclosing the nature of our assignments or client identities. Clients can trust us to handle even sensitive family law or corporate investigations with full confidentiality.

G Force Investigations avoids illegal practices like phone tapping or unethical tricks. We have strict protocols for collecting and securing evidence that ensures it can stand up to legal scrutiny if required. Every report is documented meticulously with photos, videos, records and eyewitness accounts.

While some private investigators work as solo operators, our security network and connections with information sources across Ontario allows us to complete cases faster than others. Our use of the latest surveillance, tracking, data retrieval, and online profiling technologies also gives us an edge. This allows us to solve cases efficiently and cost-effectively even on restricted budgets.

With a presence across Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver, G Force Investigations can take on cases anywhere in the provinces swiftly.


If you need a trusted private investigator in Ontario for a personal or corporate issue, call us at +1-905-519-0101 or fill out our confidential online consultation form: and one of our senior investigators will contact you shortly. All initial consultations are free of charge and strictly confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, hacking or illegal wiretapping by private investigators is completely prohibited. We use legal methods like public records and interviews.

In most cases no, private investigators in Canada cannot be licensed to carry firearms unlike the United States. Exceptions may apply.

Through sophisticated research methods, databases, interviews, surveillance technology, social media, and our connections within legal and investigative communities.

Costs vary based on service needed. We offer free consultations to assess cases. Reach out to us at 905-519-0101.

Investigators rely on legal public records searches, interviews, surveillance, background checks and analytical techniques to uncover facts.

Provincial bodies like the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services licence and regulate investigators under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

Private eyes have specialised expertise, resources, and access to proprietary databases and methods that individuals simply don’t have for efficient, legal investigation.

Services include finding missing persons, infidelity investigations, background checks, due diligence, fraud investigations, surveillance, and more using legal means.

Licensed investigators come from law enforcement, intelligence, security, research and legal fields. Their skills allow them to legally uncover facts.

In some cases yes, through the licensing body if a valid complaint exists. Investigators must operate ethically within legal bounds.