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Keep Your ONTARIO's Construction Site Safer with Effective G Force Security Construction Site Services

Construction Sites are always vulnerable to unexpected losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, accidents, natural disasters, water damage, etc. Most of the time, the sites contain a variety of expensive specialized machinery and equipment, including construction trailers and cutting-edge tools, which are no less than a treasure for the thieves.

Construction Site Security G-force Security in Canada

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    Secure Your Construction Sites & Assets with G Force Security in Ontario

    Thanks to our extensive security industry experience, we are proud to have technology innovations to match your needs with mobile patrol services, rapid response, on-site security, and more. Our skilled construction site security professionals not only protect all the expensive materials and other on-site property but are also capable of identifying potential dangers and saving property damage by preventing sudden calamities such as fires. All the security personnel is well-trained to provide first aid services, including CPR, during medical emergencies at the construction sites. We will protect your sites, equipment, materials, tools, and trailers from the time you break ground until your project is delivered.

    Here’s how our Construction Security helps:

    Construction Security Challenges We Address:

    Layered Security for Complete Control:

    Our construction security plans utilize multiple defenses:
    Protect Progress from Break-ins, Theft, Vandalism, and Disruption.

    Why Choose Us

    G Force Security conducts the most highly visible, rigorously randomized mobile patrols in Ontario utilizing our fleet of distinctive Rapid Response vehicles. With 10+ years perfecting our deterrence-based approach, our expertly trained officers and proprietary RapidResponse system provide the most trusted mobile security presence across communities 24/7. Choose G Force for unmatched mobile patrol protection. Contact us today at 905-519-0101 to learn more about our security services and leading business and home security solutions that provide robust protection to our clients across Ontario.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We service commercial and residential construction sites of all sizes, from small infill projects to large scale high-rise developments across Canada. Our flexible security plans are customized.
    We offer 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols as well as monitoring only during off-hours, depending on the level of security desired and phase of construction. Schedules are tailored to site needs.
    Absolutely. We set up real-time remote access to onsite security cameras so progress can be monitored from any internet-connected device. Extra set of eyes on your investment.
    Rapid response is our expertise. Our 24/7 central monitoring center dispatches mobile units within 5-10 minutes of an incident alert to initiate police coordination and preserve evidence.
    Worker and public safety is priority one. Our guards are fully trained in emergency response procedures from site evacuation protocols to evidence preservation for investigators. We liaise with local authorities to provide support.

    Get Your Security Needs Assessed Under 30 MINUTES

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