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Having years of experience collaborating with some of Ontario’s largest real estate and facility management companies, G Force Security is a trusted name in the field of retail loss prevention security services. We understand the unique challenges posed by crowded public spaces such as malls, department stores, and shopping malls. That’s why our security experts design custom-tailored security solutions that help create a safe and secure environment promoting your company’s growth through a strong yet approachable security presence that deters criminal activity while addressing customer service needs and directions.

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Give your customers a sense of credibility and security with our 24/7 Manned Guard Services

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Retail Businesses thrive on the purchases of their loyal customers. Having a uniformed security presence by a manned Security Officer effectively sends out a firm message to the customers that they are being taken care of. Security Officers can often be the first impression a customer has of a retail store. We pride ourselves on having top customer retention rates. Not only do our Security Officers help make your store a safer place, but they also maintain a level head in high-pressure situations and remove criminals from the store instantly before they can conduct any sort of crime.

Our security officers are more than just a visual deterrent; they are trained to communicate with law enforcement agencies and emergency services. Our professionals are skilled, vigilant, and always prepared to satisfy the rigorous standards for top-notch retail stores and shopping mall security tactics. The presence of our security guards guarantees stability and on-site guardianship.

A trusted name in loss prevention security services

As a leading Loss Prevention Security Services provider, our security team understands how these thefts and sabotages adversely impact a retail company’s earnings. Our company provides well-equipped and licensed security guards trained specially for the retail sector to prevent incidents of theft and vandalism. Our security personnel is adept at spotting any possible threats or suspicious behavior as well as de-escalating difficult situations, handling crises, managing crowds, and generally ensuring that everything runs smoothly. All our security guards are capable of tackling all kinds of problems, whether it is removing some harmful person from the premises, conducting search and seizure operations, or performing a voluntary or forced arrest. All your financial assets, such as cash registers, vaults, and other expensive items, are entirely safe with us. We have you covered everything from employee training, electronic article surveillance, and integrity visits to preventative audits to evaluate your operational processes.

Retail loss prevention security guards in Canada

Our highest standards of training methods make us better

Reinforced by our understanding of the retail industry, we continuously evaluate our training methods to meet the specialized requirements of the retail industry. Our comprehensive training methods are designed to ensure our security guards are well-equipped to deliver high-quality services.

A complete floor-by-floor patrol, including the stairwells, roof, and parking garage, to detect any suspicious activity and hidden danger

Regular site visits by security supervisors to ensure the cliental requirements are met.

Regular security logs for the reference of building management

24/7 dispatch services to tackle any kind of emergency

Emergency first aid and CPR services in case of a medical emergency

Access Control services, especially for the main entrance

Front Desk Services, including visitor sign-in and sign-outs.

Parking enforcement and management

Enforcement of Trespassers to the Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada

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