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Healthcare Security Services:

More than a challenge

Healthcare facilities are one the highly critical areas from the perspective of providing safety and security to the patients, hospital staff, and general visitors. Especially during COVID-19, healthcare security services underwent a drastic change. The security guards were not only required to make the place secure from every aspect but also needed to protect themselves. Healthcare is a field that calls for toughness and behavioral delicacy at its best. This makes healthcare security a staggering ultimatum that every company wants to achieve.

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Our best and most comprehensive security procedures enable us to overcome all challenges

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G Force Security Inc. offers unmatched security services to all healthcare facilities, including hospitals, Community Healthcare centers, medical clinics, and long-term care centers. No matter how challenging the circumstances are, our security guards have consistently proved that nothing could stop them from exceeding the Ministry of Public Safety and Security standards. All healthcare security professionals are thoroughly trained to provide services in the emergency wards, protect physical and intellectual assets, and maintain a secure environment.

We use an exclusive technique for hiring our healthcare professionals

To reinforce our commitment to providing excellent standards in security, we ensure to choose the people who are strong physically and mentally to deal with the situational stress but at the same time who are emphatic about serving others selflessly. Once got hired, they are trained in a way enabling them to sustain the highest level of security without compromising the caring atmosphere a healthcare organization holds. They are made aware of the threats associated with healthcare facilities. G Force Security Inc. regularly trains them to keep on their game and within their profession.

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We are the experts in ensuring the safest environment for the healthcare buildings

And here is how we do this

Specialized Healthcare Security personnel We own a team of compassionate professionals trained particularly for the rapidly changing environments of hospitals and other medical facilities

Patient Safety assistance programs Thanks to their years of experience in the healthcare security community, our seasoned security experts have enacted specialized patient safety programs, making our security guards proficient in assessing vulnerable patients and providing them with the necessary support

High-risk patient watch services  Our distinctive security assistance programs equip our security guards with the correct information helping them to take proactive steps to alleviate violent and rigorous patients.

Services in high-risk areas such as emergency wards  Our security professionals undergo strenuous healthcare specific security training sessions helping them to be proficient in working in highly vulnerable and chronic situations.

Crowd management   G Force Security are highly-efficient at maintaining a safe environment through the dispersion of unnecessary crowds.

Parking Management and garage patrolling  G Force Security guards help ensure safety even in the parking garage through continuous monitoring and patrolling.

Securing Confidentiality  We provide security services to protect vital assets such as confidential information and financial assets

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