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G Force Security Inc. is an accredited company with an unrivaled track record of security successes. We imbibe unparalleled professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness, and leadership in our services. Our strategy is to offer complete security coverage, safeguarding your businesses while assuring efficient and successful operations. By dedicating ourselves to excellence and integrity and treating our clients with respect and the most effective commercial security systems available, we work to represent and provide the best service in Canada.

Our general security sector covers all services, including foot patrols, mobile security services, on-site and remote video surveillance, access control, emergency fire protection, intrusion or trespassing, parking management, visitor management, crowd management, and cloud-based management. We train and prepare our security guards in a way to meet the requirements of different security sectors, whether commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare, or any event security sector. Believing that Security is a serious business, we avail our clients with a proper assessment of their security and safety needs and respond appropriately with dispatch.

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Professional security Guard services backed
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When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of a residential place or work environment, the services of a professional security guard are simply incomparable. Through strategic monitoring and effective deployment in urgent situations, highly qualified individuals can guarantee the safety and security of a place at any cost. Our security guards are highly trained professionals who can go beyond their limits while still being courteous and lawful in protecting people, property, and other assets. Supported through industry-leading training and an outstanding supervisory structure, our security guard services are led by retired law enforcement professionals seasoned through years of experience.

All our security personnel carry high self-esteem with impeccable grooming standards and neat and clean uniforms with name tags and other security aids. Demonstrating exceptional decorum, strong integrity, and ethics, they never fail to leave an imprint on the hearts of the people they serve to.

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We are an organization with a relentless drive for improvement, pushing us constantly to break down our boundaries and explore new heights of customer service excellence and innovation. We employ highly skilled security professionals and utilize the latest aiding technologies to provide our clients with round-the-clock security and protection for commercial and personal purposes. Collaborating closely with clients, we dedicate a substantial amount of time to understanding and assessing their needs and developing security plans which address their needs accordingly.

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